Thursday 18 Jul 2019

Ndlovu products are passionately motivated by our belief in the natural healing properties of African plants.

We believe that our products should embrace all things natural and less things synthetic. We strive to create body care products which are:

• Paraben free

• Petrochemical free

• Synthetic colourant free

• Synthetic fragrance free

• Sustainably sourced

Plant extracts have traditionally been used for centuries amongst the people of Southern Africa, a selection of these are used in Ndlovu Products.


Our Orange Range is rich and hydrating, specifically suited for dry, itchy skin.

The distinctive natural ingredients include:


Wild Dagga (Leonotis Leonorus)

African Potato (Hypoxis Hemerocallidea)


The Green Range is fresh and invigorating, awakening the body’s senses.

The distinctive natural ingredients include:


Artemisia (Artemisia Afra)

Wild Spearmint (Mentha Longifolia)